Welcome to our Call to Artists Gallery!


Here you can find all the works inspired by the Garden from our on-going Call to Artists.  If you're interested in participating, please see our flyer.

Please note that for your work to be considered for our exhibition on June 10 - 11, you must submit to art@elizabethstreetgarden.com before May 22nd.  

All ages are welcome to participate!


Nicole Torres


This week's work is a pair of 35mm film photographs taken in the beginning of Spring by photographer Nicole Torres.

AVA yang


The latest work from our Call to Artists is a piece by 12 year old Garden volunteer & artist, Ava Yang.

Jake Dietrich


This week's work is a poem written by Garden supporter Jake Dietrich.  "Every time I go I feel surrounded by so much creative energy. I like to think that the power of all the great minds who gather here help nourish and grow the ideas that are but seeds inside of my mind. To me, it's like a think tank for the artist. My poem tries to illustrate this."

Raji Jagadeesan 


This week's work is a collection of mixed-media (inks, acrylics, and collage materials) by Garden volunteer, Raji Jagadeesan.  These pieces were inspired by the Garden during Spring.

Hideko rostad


This week's work from our Call to Artists is a watercolor painting by Elizabeth Street Garden supporter Hideko Rostad.



This week's work from our Call to Artists are three photographs by local photographer, Luigerman.     "A magical place in the middle of my jungle, to be aware and reflect our nature and dreams."

kim kalesti 


Our first work for the Call to Artists is a painting coupled with a poem, written and performed by the artist and our neighbor, Kim Kalesti.