A lot of people support saving Elizabeth Street Garden...

Hundreds of people enjoy the Garden every day, and we're open to the public 7 days a week...  Along with daily face to face, community building interaction, Elizabeth Street Garden has a combined social media following of over 5000 & sends out newsletters regularly to over 6000 email subscribers.  So far we have over 10,000 letters & signatures in support of saving the Garden!

The Garden's expanding body of supporters includes the following elected officials, community & park organizations, and local businesses, as well as Community Board 2.  Scroll down to see all four Community Board 2 resolutions in favor of saving Elizabeth Street Garden. 

Community Board 2 Resolutions 

This resolution is responding to a presentation from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development and requesting a unified effort to achieve affordable housing development in Community Board 2 while preserving Elizabeth Street Garden. 

This resolution was to ensure an emphasis on public use of three water tunnel shaft sites in the district, whilst simultaneously requesting a substantial reduction in the amount of promised open space at one such site in lieu of developing affordable housing and indoor recreation, only if community open space needs were addressed and Elizabeth Street Garden were preserved as a public park.

This resolution was made in opposition to a request from NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development to Lower Manhattan Development Corporation for funding for an affordable housing project at 21 Spring St., (i.e. Elizabeth Street Garden).

This resolution urges New York City to transfer Elizabeth Street Garden to NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and commits CB 2 to work with the City and elected officials in supporting preservation and creation of affordable housing in the district.